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Acrylic balls

TExpression name is referred to as poly (methyl methacrylate), it is very permeable good thermoplastic plastics. On top only even tough lightweight, a weather resistance is excellent, there is a visible light transmittance of 90% or more in its transparency and weather resistance, since it has an unrivaled excellent characteristics, There is a wide range of applications from the field of everyday goods to high-tech field, maker of expectations for an increase in demand has become large phrases. Since it is an organic substance, heat resistance as compared with inorganic glass, elasticity and poor in some points such as surface hardness, easy to deform, there is a drawback that the surface is easily damaged. However, recently, acrylic products having improved heat resistance and surface hardness have been developed.

Currently, the transparent resin balls on the market, but there is such as polystyrene spheres and polycarbonate sphere polyvinyl chloride spheres other than the acrylic sphere, in addition to transparency, and excellent mechanical properties and weather (light) resistance in that it includes combined, there is no substitute for acrylic sphere. Since it is provided together, particularly transparency and impact resistance, when used in construction materials or mechanical parts, acrylic can not be obtained in ordinary glass safety is obtained.

Hardness is high, I have excellent surface gloss.

It has excellent moldability.

It has excellent electrical insulating properties.

Coloring free, it is possible to obtain products with different color tones and gloss.

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