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0.25g Selection and use of air gun BB polishing consumables

The polishing method of Airsoft BB is different from the polishing technology of other ball products, mainly because the hardness of Airsoft BB is not high, and the density is not as good as metal balls, ceramic balls, glass balls and other ball products, so the difficulty of polishing increases accordingly. Polishing consumables use different materials. Metal ball polishing uses high-hardness ceramic polishing balls, while air gun BB polishing uses high-alumina porcelain polishing balls, and special polishing liquid must be added, otherwise the Airsoft BB will be sticky and the polishing ball will be ground down. The debris of the air gun will stick to the Airsoft BB, causing the BB BALL to be unable to polish at all, and the final product is not good, so the Airsoft BB polishing technology mainly lies in the selection of consumables.

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