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Airsoft BB uses foaming technology to solve the bubble problem

The problem of bubbles in the Airsoft BB has always been a problem in the industry. So what method can be used to solve this problem? Its practical use of the latest plastic micro-foaming technology can solve the problem of air bubbles in the  Airsoft BB. Plastic foaming technology, the production cost of Airsoft BB will also increase.

The main reason for the formation of air bubbles in the Airsoft BB is that during the molding process of the Airsoft BB, the material melts at a high temperature and enters the mold to produce some gas. When this part of the gas enters the inside of the Airsoft BB, bubbles will be formed. A certain proportion of foaming Liu is added to the Airsoft BB. When the Airsoft BB is melted at high temperature to enter the mold cavity, there will be evenly distributed micropores inside the Airsoft BB. Of course, these micropores cannot be seen by the eyes, that is, because of these micro The gas generated by the Airsoft BB during the injection molding process will fill into these micropores, so that after the gas is absorbed by the foamed micropores, the middle bubbles of the Airsoft BB will disappear.

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