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0.28g Main machinery and technology for Airsoft BB production

0.28g  Airsoft BB  main mechanical equipment list:  Airsoft BB blank ball needs to use injection molding machine,  Airsoft BB injection processing requires air gun BB mold,  Airsoft BB  mold is based on the produced Airsoft BB blank ball diameter to determine the mold. number.And before production, you should refer to what kind of BBs the Airsoft BB is produced, and then calculate the shrinkage rate of the plastic to open the mold. After the mold is opened, the injection molding machine is used to produce the Airsoft BB rough ball. The machine operation is relatively simple, but the Airsoft BB needs post-processing to complete.

Airsoft BB mainly produces mechanical equipment: plastic injection molding machine, plastic nozzle crusher, raw material mixer, mechanical nozzle separator, precision ball grinding machine, eddy current polishing machine, and two-dimensional detector.

The secondary processing of the Airsoft BB blank ball is to make the Airsoft BB have high precision. The polishing machine polishes the rough surface of the blank ball during the grinding process. It usually takes three hours to polish the air gun blank ball, and finally the plastic The accuracy and appearance of the ball are reported. The accuracy is detected by a two-dimensional projection, and the finish is tested by a finish tester. Airsoft BB material range: materials mainly include POM, PA, PP, ABS, PMMA and other plastic materials

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