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Brief introduction of several materials of Airsoft BB

There are two main types of  Airsoft BB materials, "plastic  Airsoft BBs" and "biodegradable plastic bio  Airsoft BBs".

Plastic  Airsoft BBs are petrochemical products made from petroleum.

Bio  Airsoft BBs are mainly made from plant-derived (potato, corn starch, etc.) plastic materials such as PLA resin (polylactic acid).

Therefore, since bio  Airsoft BBs can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by treatment after disposal, they have been attracting attention as environmentally friendly BB bullets for several years and now only bio BB bullets can be used except for some indoor fields. There are many fields.

In outdoor fields, bio  Airsoft BBs are decomposed and returned to the soil about 1 to 2 years after they fall to the ground. Furthermore, if there are microorganisms such as compost, it will be decomposed to the level of carbon dioxide and water in about a week.

By the way, there is also a "semi-bio BB bullet", but it is a  Airsoft BB made by mixing petroleum and PLA resin, and since oil is mixed, not all are decomposed like a normal plastic BB bullet.

There is also a  Airsoft BB made of a fluorescent material called "livestock bullet".

In combination with a strobe light emitting device (tracer), bullets that can confirm the trajectory like tracer ammunition have become available even at night, greatly expanding the range of tactics in night battles.

There are various kinds of colors for  Airsoft BBs, but basically, most of them are white, black, gray, and khaki.

Since the colors that are easy to use and see are divided depending on the field, the color of the BB bullet to be used is decided for each field.

Khaki and green are hard to see in outdoor forest fields, and black is hard to see indoors.

Since black is basically hard to see, the source of the bullet from the opponent is hard to come out, and the reaction to the bullet is delayed. However, since it is difficult for you and your allies to see the bullets, you cannot check the trajectory or let your allies know the position of the opponent with the bullets.

On the other hand, white is easy to see, so it's easy for the other party to see it, and it's easy for you and your allies to see it.


So which BB bullet is actually suitable for which air gun?

Let's compare.

Recommended  Airsoft BBs for air cocking guns

Since the air cocking gun requires only spring and air force, basically any weight of  Airsoft BB will fly well.

However, we do not recommend 0.12g, which is too light, or 0.43g, which is heavy, because the power and internal maintenance are noticeable in the trajectory.

If you compare it with VSR-10 made by Tokyo Marui, the optimum weight type would be 0.25 to 0.28g.

Recommended  Airsoft BBs for electric guns

Most electric guns are equipped with fully automatic shooting, and if you use a  Airsoft BB that does not meet the standard, it will immediately become jammed.

Also, in the process of moving the bullet from the magazine to the chamber, if the bullet is scratched or dented, it may become clogged in the barrel or air cannot be sent out normally.

It is outrageous to use a BB bullet that has been dropped or cracked on the ground.

Basically, if you use a bearing-polished BB bullet with a weight of 0.2g to 0.28g, it will draw a straight and stable trajectory.

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