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Which country invented the Airsoft BB?

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran of Sabage, what do you think is the number one consumable item in Sabage?

battery? Mecha box? Certainly, they are also the parts that are heavily consumed.

However, as you know, Airsoft BBs are the most exhausted.

Due to the nature of Sabage, there are many scenes where barrages are put up, and even when the magazine is pulled out, the bullets remaining in the chamber fall off, and as a result, it may consume several thousand shots a day unexpectedly. Not a few.

This time I will write in detail about Airsoft BBs, which are the main consumables of such Sabage.

Because of the history of Airsoft BBs, my savings will explode again, so if you are not good at long sentences, you can skip it (laugh)

The time goes back to 1885.

The manufacture and sale of BB guns has started by Daisy, Inc. of the United States, which can be said to be the originator of BB guns.

Daisy is still famous as a major BB gun.

The oldest BB gun was launched in the United States and used shotgun Airsoft BBs like the so-called "shot shell".

The technology has gained popularity all over the world, and was put into practical use in Japan in 1980 by "Maruzen," who is still active in producing airsoft guns.


So why does it have a strange name called Airsoft BB

It is said that the original "Airsoft BB" of Airsoft BBs in Europe and the United States is derived from the "BB size" of the grains (pellets) contained in the shot shell.

There is a name for the size of the shot shell cartridge according to the size, and among them, the BB size shot shell cartridge contains about 50 to 70 balls with a diameter of 0.18 inch (about 4.5 mm).

The name BB Gun Bullet (Airsoft BB) came to be named because it uses a spherical bullet of the same size as the grain in this shot Airsoft BB.

Since then, even if the scene of the head family is changed to 0.177 inches, the name "Airsoft BB" has been passed down to the present day.

Also, in Japan, "Airsoft BBs" are also called "Ball Bullet" or "Ball Bearing", and plastic is mainly used as the main material.

Actually, it was a recent story that I started making plastic Airsoft BBs, and until a while ago, various bullets were popular among mackerel gamers.

First, paint bullets.

People who don't know Sabage usually ask if they use paint bullets when talking about Sabage, but that's a long time ago.

Paint bullets are bullets containing water-based paint in a special capsule, and were often used in the old days when the rules of Sabage were looser because it was easy to identify the hit.

However, there are some drawbacks, such as ink leaking in the gun due to the capsule being too soft to soften the impact at the time of hit, and it takes time to wash dirty clothes. It was half a bullet.

Next is SM blue bullet.

Am I the only one who feels nostalgic when I hear this name? picture? Wrong···?

SM blue bullets are Marushin BB bullets that are slightly larger in diameter than the current 6 mm, and when this standard was adopted, if this ball is used for air guns other than Marushin, there is almost a high probability of bullets. There are even reports that all the air guns that were clogged and sent as repair requests were clogged with SM blue bullets.

On the contrary, if you use a Airsoft BB of another company for an air gun that adopts the SM blue bullet standard, it may drop from the chamber or muzzle, so the production volume decreased over time.

Next is a starch Airsoft BB.

I don't think there is such a stray product in the Sabage world.

As the name suggests, it is an original bio Airsoft BB made by solidifying corn starch, and it decomposed much faster than the current bio Airsoft BB, but since the component is starch, it is in a humid environment such as the rainy season and summer. Then it will expand quickly and become unusable.

In addition, although the package was instructed not to eat, there were rumors that "you can eat it if you boil it".

I don't know if anyone actually ate it ... is it delicious in the first place?

Finally, Tsuzumi bullets.

This is the most popular bullet among Saba gamers before the BB bullet became popular.

The shape is not a break, but a plastic bullet shaped like a teru teru bald, which catches compressed air at the back skirt-like part and uses it to fly.

Due to the wide variety of manufacturers and incompatibility, and the weakness that the trajectory bends as soon as it is hit by a strong wind, it gradually became less popular after the BB bullet was released, and in the late 1980s Is almost out of the market.

Well, it seems that the Airsoft BBs that are familiar to all the current people were born after continuing to stray in various ways.

If you ask the uncle who runs the military shop, I think you can talk more deeply and enthusiastically (laughs).

There is a wide range of "0.12 to 0.43g" and Airsoft BBs of various weights.

If you use a heavy Airsoft BB with a weak power (slow initial velocity) air gun, it will fall immediately, and conversely if you use a light Airsoft BB with a strong power (fast initial velocity) air gun, the trajectory will not be determined.

Also, the heavier the Airsoft BB, the more it will not fly straight unless the firing mechanism and barrel are well maintained.

As a basic comparison standard, a 10-prohibited air gun will have a Airsoft BB weighing 0.12 g or 0.15 g, and an 18-prohibited air gun will weigh 0.2 g or more.

Depending on the weight of the Airsoft BB, the "initial speed", "flying distance", "ballistic", "hit accuracy" will change greatly, and the "impact" when hit will also change. 

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