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Bio airsfot BB degradation test in summer Japan

Hot days continue every day. It feels like summer is getting hotter every year, but how are you doing with your summer bio Airsoft BB management?

Summer is the season when BB bullets are easily exposed to high temperatures, such as under the scorching sun and in cars. It is said that if a bio Airsoft BB is left in a high temperature environment, it will be deformed and the trajectory will be disturbed, or in the worst case it will cause a jam.

So, this time, I tried to experiment how much the temperature rises under what circumstances and how the bio Airsoft BB changes as a result.

First of all, I prepared a general Airsoft BB and a stainless steel vacuum bottle this time. I've heard from an acquaintance that I store bullets in a vacuum bottle, and this time I used it as a reference for temperature measurement. The capacity is 600 ml, which is almost the same size as a Airsoft BB.

It is a graph of temperature transition. Since the air conditioner is working while moving, there is no difference in temperature between them.

After turning off the engine and parking, there will be a difference in temperature rise. The temperature of a normal Airsoft BB rises faster. The maximum temperature was reached in about 2 hours. Also, when the game is over and you start moving again by car, the temperature will drop, but the temperature of the stainless steel bottle will drop more slowly. On the way back, I stopped by for meals and shops, but here again, stainless steel bottles show a gradual ups and downs.

However, the maximum temperature reached was about 43 ° C, which was almost the same.

It will be another day, but this time I left the Airsoft BB on the balcony in the sun, assuming that I left it on the safety. This day is also a hot day with a temperature of 35 ° C.

In this experiment, we also measured the temperature inside other vacuum bottles under the same environment.

It is a THERMOS bottle that has a good reputation for performance on the net.

The temperature of BB bottles left outdoors rises at a stretch in 20 to 30 minutes when the sun begins to hit, and rises to a maximum of about 48 ° C, while the temperature of vacuum bottles rises slowly, up to about 36 ° C. It has become. When the sun begins to darken, the temperature of the Airsoft BB drops at once, but the temperature of the vacuum bottle drops slowly. Vacuum bottles tend to be hard to heat up and hard to cool down.

Finally, with the setting that the whole Airsoft BB bag was left unattended, I put a small amount of Airsoft BBs in an empty large bag of 0.25 g and measured it. The bag was a so-called aluminum pack, and I fastened the zipper and sealed the mouth with tape just in case.

When the sun starts to hit, the temperature inside the bag starts to rise at once. Because it was a hot day, the temperature inside the bag rose to a maximum of about 52 ° C. For this reason, leaving the bag in direct sunlight should be avoided even for a short time of about 30 minutes.

For reference, on a hot day over 36 ° C, I placed a black bag on a covered safety table in Sabage Field and measured the temperature inside the side pockets. The bag is always in the shade.

When I moved my luggage from the car to Safety in the morning, the temperature inside the bag rose as I saw it, but the maximum temperature was 37 ° C. The temperature is such that the drink placed next to it gets hot, but if you put a BB bottle in a shaded bag, it's quite so.

Marui's bearing bio Airsoft BB package says that it may be deformed if left in a place where the temperature rises above 50 ° C, such as in a car in midsummer.

Let's check how the BB bullets left unattended have changed.

It is a bio BB bullet of a Airsoft BB left in the car. Large deformations cannot be seen with the naked eye or in photographs, but somehow the wax on the surface seems to be rough.

Also, the BB bullets in the Airsoft BB left under the scorching sun had the same feeling.

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