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Airsoft BB "survival game" games are popular

Airsoft BB "survival game" games are popular

Once upon a time, Sabage was a play only for military enthusiasts. Nowadays, strict power regulations have been introduced and there are detailed rules. Sabage is a sport in which self-reporting is something like golf.

What if such a Sabage becomes an Olympic sport?

There is a district called Isabu in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture. There is Shin-Shimizu Junction on the Shin-Tomei Expressway in front of you, and it is not a difficult place for transportation.

A startup called Hot Springs has an office in Isabu.

"Our ray Airsoft BB guns reach targets 120 meters away, even with sunlight. The range can reach 200 meters."

Hiroki Nagai, President and CEO, is aiming to establish and popularize "evolutionary Sabage" that does not use Airsoft BBs.

Sabage's infrared project "B2i" has already raised funds with crowdfunding Makuake. Against the target amount of 1 million yen, 3,427,700 yen was collected.

Efforts to make Sabage guns infrared specifications are also being carried out overseas. But those ray guns are by no means cheap. You have to pay about 50,000 to 60,000 yen for one gun in Japanese yen.

On the other hand, the B2i is a module installed in the muzzle of an existing airsoft gun. In Makuake's super early discount price frame, it was released for 9100 yen per set including the infrared reading sensor attached to the player's body.

The shape of this ray gun is a cylinder that is not particularly unusual. However, it is actually a mass of cutting-edge technology that also has a pairing function with smartphones.

And as mentioned above, the reliable range of infrared rays is 120m. Since the practical range of BB bullets is about 40m at most, this is an amazing number.

Mr. Nagai is a self-defense official. Calling it a "former SDF officer" is probably not appropriate. He is a reserve self-defense official who trains for a fixed number of days a year.

"I was hosting an event to set up a" meeting place "for SDF personnel, because SDF personnel living at bases and garrison rarely meet the opposite sex."

As I am the son of a national civil servant, I understand that it is extremely important for them to interact with "outsiders." Unlike the workers of private companies, if you do nothing here, you will not really meet.

"However, there are some SDF personnel who can't talk to the opposite sex at all. Even in front of women, the story doesn't go on. So what should I do? I thought. "

It is the basis of a joint party to hold some kind of Airsoft BB game to deepen mutual understanding between men and women. However, when I actually played a game, dissatisfaction erupted from the female side.

"The competition called Sabage gets your body dirty, your makeup breaks, and it hurts when you hit a BAirsoft BB."

I've been fashionable, but it's ruined. It is a situation that women must avoid at all costs.

"When I consulted with a person about it, I was told," Why don't you make it possible to shoot infrared rays instead of Airsoft BBs? "Sabage is a competition that generates a large amount of Airsoft BBs.

Because of this, it takes time and effort to manage both outdoor and indoor fields. Someone has to deal with the Airsoft BBs that have been fired.

Above all, the collision of Airsoft BBs is unbearable in some places. Specifically, the bones of the wrist, fingers, lips, etc. are quite painful points. Of course, if you can reduce the damage with armor, it's better than that ...

If this is infrared, you don't have to clench your teeth in the pain of being shot. Moreover, by linking a sensor that reads infrared rays with a smartphone, it is possible to digitize the Sabage itself.

"A person who survives to the end in one game is not necessarily a strong person. Extreme story, it is enough to escape to the time. On the contrary, it was done in a few minutes from the start, but in the meantime, defeat many enemies. There are also people. We would like to record it and manage it with a smartphone app ... "

It can be said that digitization is equivalent to rationalization.

For example, if you can match individual Sabage players with a smartphone app and announce that "Team battle will start in the XX field at 10 am on XX day!", That alone should expand the base of Sabage. Of course, that's not the only goal of B2i.

"The SEGA SAMMY Group's DARTSLIVE has become a major factor in the popularity of the darts competition because it allows online competition and digitally manages scores."

Mr. Nagai says that the same mechanism can be introduced to infrared Sabage.

If you can share the average survival time, number of defeats, number of defeats, etc. of each player in the same way as in online Airsoft BB games, you can also create a world ranking. This is like doing "wilderness action" and "PUBG" with your own body, and it is nothing but a fusion of e-sports and physical sports.

We are aiming for "infrared Sabage event adoption" at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. "

Mr. Nagai says so powerfully.

It's not a crazy dream. The communication speed of 5G is incomparable to that of up to 4G. It can be described as "technology of another world".

Currently, we are waiting for the development of 5G, and at the same time, we are building various platforms that utilize it.

Such technological advances should, of course, be reflected in the Olympics.

Eight years later, will I be interviewing the Japanese representative of Infrared Sabage in Los Angeles? If so, he wants to manage to make the article readable and tell the readers.

* In crowdfunding, there is a rare risk that the project will be disrupted due to a problem with the planning company and that the support money will not be returned.

Please make your own judgment when making an investment.

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