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People in Japan who are shot in the eyes by Airsoft BB every year

People in Japan who are shot in the eyes by Airsoft BB every year

In Japan, like other countries, there are many people who like to play with airsoft BB. The so-called BB gun, or "airsoft", is more popular among men in Japan. Therefore, every year in Japanese hospitals, people hurt their eyes because of playing with airsoft BB. People, it is not uncommon for Japanese ophthalmologists to encounter patients with eye injuries caused by them. Through a summary analysis of some patients with eye injuries, these patients did not have perforated injuries. Except for a few patients, the final visual acuity of other patients was better than 20/32 OU. 2 This review includes some cases of eye BB gun injuries. In addition, another article published in the British Medical Journal 3 describes some patients undergoing dialysis of the ciliary body caused by a BB gun with complete vision restoration. According to Japanese law, all Japanese toy air gun bullets, that is, air gun Airsoft BBs, must be made of plastic, because Japanese law strictly prohibits the manufacture and use of metal toy air gun bullets. The weight and diameter of the most common plastic air gun Airsoft BBs are 0.2 g to 0.43 g and 6.0 mm respectively. With the cooperation of air gun manufacturers, the kinetic energy generated by the BB gun has been forced to be controlled below 0.4J by itself, controlling about 90% of the Japanese toy gun market. However, it should be noted that a small number of companies that are not part of the cooperation began to produce air guns with a kinetic energy higher than 4.0J in the early 1990s, and the sales of these air guns are gradually increasing. In addition, some enthusiasts modify their own "soft gun" toy weapons to generate more energy.

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