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Airsoft BB purchase customer evaluation

I recieved the bbs today - great service thank you and the quality looks very good!

...Comments from New Zealand dated on May 20, 2013

I got your balls and we tested the quality. My clients are very pleased.

...Comments from Kazakhstan dated on Apr.29, 2013

i received it yesterday, looks very good.

...Comments from Denmark dated on Apr.17, 2013

Thank you again for the samples. The BB's proved out to be very acceptable.

...Comments from USA dated on Mar.09, 2013

Of all the BB! your the best!

...Comments from Russia dated on Jan.16, 2013

as we expected, your .40s where excellent, and very accurate, we will be needing some more samples in the specified size of bag shortly.


...Comments from UK dated on Nov.12, 2012

I heard from friend that It is nice quality and price.

...Comments from Japan dated on Nov.9, 2012

Even since I started playing airsoft, I have been using CYC because it is excellent value for money.

...Comments from Argentina dated on Nov.8, 2012

Last time is trial for make market with my brand in here, the feedback is good and now my stock is low that I must repeat order.

...Comments from Indonesia dated on Nov.1, 2012

Hope all is well. We received our first order from you and they are doing very well. We are in the process of putting together another order to submit very soon.

...Comments from Canada dated on Sep.6, 2012

As we continually test your product against other competitors in the market we can confirm that your BB's do indeed have the best qualities that players look for in a BB ex: roundness, shatter resistance, lack of voids, polish, and hardness. 

...Comments from Canada dated on Aug.30, 2012

Hello, I received the BB's and am impressed with the value and quality.

...Comments from USA dated on July 12, 2012

Good news for the v2 0.25g! They work wonderfully!

...Comments from Canada dated on July 12, 2012

The clients test the Air Soft Ball and they aprove the quality

...Comments from Portugal dated on July 12, 2012

compliment for your products. are very good

...Comments from Italy dated on June 14, 2012

best quality in slovakia

...Comments fromSlovakia dated on May 25, 2012

I received the shipment. Thank you very much! Very Satisfied! Plastic balls of excellent quality!

...Comments from Russia dated on May 17, 2012

I recieved samples, many thanks. We will test them in different conditions, but at first look they are good quality.

...Comments from Russia dated on May 13, 2012

We've already tested the samples and its way better than the bb's we're using.

...Comments from Philippines dated on Apr.10, 2012

i´m very glad about the shippment of BBs. And you´re right about the quality of them, It´s awesome.

...Comments from Brazil dated on Apr.1, 2012

We received the sample BB's you sent and we are very impressed with the quality. 

...Comments from Canada dated on Mar.28, 2012

The goods arrived yesterday. I just wanted to say that the 0.2g BB are exactly as advertised, they are of excellent quality. The customer service, pricing, delivery and product quality is excellent, I will definitely be reordering and will recommend your products to other Airsoft groups. Please include my mail (jsmcloughlin#eircom.net) in you customer comments section on your website if you wish

...Comments from Ireland dated on Mar.23, 2012

the bbs are good for my shop

...Comments from Italy dated on Mar.20, 2012

We are very happy with the over all quality, they have exceeded our expectations.

...Comments from Canada dated on Mar.14, 2012

The performance and quality are within the parameters we need for our standards.

...Comments from Japan dated on Mar.10, 2012

We are grateful for your effort to keep the high quality.

...Comments from Japan dated on Mar.05, 2012

You made perfect bbs without "bubbles" at a good price you know ? =)

...Comments from France dated on Feb.29, 2012

Samples recieved many thanks, I am happy with the quality.

...Comments from UK dated on Feb.28, 2012

Just so you know, my club loves your BB's. Lots of compliments about them. 

...Comments from Oregon, USA dated on Feb.09, 2012

found them acceptable

...Comments from USA dated on Jan.30, 2012

Your products are very popular among our customers. 

...Comments from Japan dated on Jan.30, 2012

I received the samples and are about to test them they look are feel great.

...Comments from NJ, USA dated on Jan.28, 2012

how happy I am with the trial order

...Comments from UK dated on Jan.21, 2012

The BB's are amazing.

...Comments from Canada dated on Jan.07, 2012

it is looking very promising! I believe we will start having orders come threw very soon. We have tested all the BBs you have sent and people love them. Far more than the others. 

...Comments from Canada dated on Jan.05, 2012

We have received BBs, tested them, they are good!

...Comments from Georgia dated on Jan.05, 2012


Thank you, your production is very good! It looks like soon we will buy from you again some bbs!

...Comments from Latvia dated on Dec.29, 2011

I have just got the 

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