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Reasons for insufficient shooting accuracy of Airsoft BB

The front end part of SR-2 air gun is not integrated with the engine part, but the separated parts are connected for assembly in this way. If the accuracy of accessories is not enough, what should be done if the joint rigidity is weak when shooting the Airsoft BB and shakes so that it can not be recognized by the naked eye?

In the case of SR-2, the connection between the outer barrel and the gearbox is only a press fit and is not made of hard material like a real gun.

Moreover, because it is a gun type that is difficult to disassemble and maintain, this SR-2 only maintains the inner barrel and blows silicon spray outside the barrel.

However, I bought it for about a year. In practice, I fired about 50 air guns every day, so the oil in the oil tank is probably black.

I think I understand a little why there are few SR-2 on the top of APS rifle.

The accuracy of this basic design is limited, and the tuning of the press in structure is also limited, so it may be difficult to improve the performance, and human beings can only do their best within the acceptable range. Normal operation.

However, if you think of it as "not for the upper level", do you give priority to the requirements of the entry-level model, such as cheap, light weight, left-hand support, variable inventory, easy to hold pistol grip, etc? I think.

The same is true for rapid fire racing guns, but can you take advantage of the performance of expensive special guns? It depends on humans. Then, the design concept is that ordinary high-capacity and SR-2, as entry models, may have high performance.

Aps-3 is a little different. I think it's a great degree of perfection. Even if it's normal, you can aim at the top.

Oh, there's something wrong with the story again. Then there is the result of the actual shooting.

Every Airsoft BB bomb gives the impression that

There is little difference in the grouping values of the three pills, and the average distribution is very good!!

Only the diameter of the red box of Marui is larger than that of other bullets, and the inner barrel is tighter than that of Marui, so the gap between bullets and barrel is very small.

The inner diameter of SR-2 is 6.04mm, vsr-10 is 6.08mm, the diameter of Marui red box is 5.97mm and maruis period is 5.95mm.

Comparing the clearance between the bullet and the inner diameter of the barrel, Maruyama APS series is 0.07mm and marujing is 0.13MM.

Marusain's idea seems to be that "the narrower the gap, the better for accurate shooting".

I won't deny it, but I think the slight dirt, deformation, deflection, resonance and ejection air pressure error of air gun BB and barrel will be seriously reflected.

Because it seriously reflects the state of the gun, the gun may have been lying down.

If you only look at the best one, BLS air gun BB is the best! The rumor that heavy Airsoft BB can forge the condition of guns may be true.

However, the group value change of the three sheets is the worst of the three categories. Maybe there is a big error in the diameter of the bullet.

I didn't sort this time, but I think if I sort, the result will be different.

Modify marks the highest average of the three grouping values.

The error of Airsoft BB may be the smallest. Because the Airsoft BB container is also a glass bottle, it costs money. Biochemical Airsoft BB are the biggest enemy of deterioration, but if you do this, it is probably the manufacturer's commitment to maintaining the Airsoft BB accuracy of the air gun.

In addition, the highest value of 20.3mm is higher than the previous 0.48g 21.5mm, which is the second highest record of my gun after this 0.48g Airsoft BB record.

The bolt at the bottom of the gun holder seems to be loose. However, since there has been a high record since then, it seems that this has nothing to do with the hit accuracy of entrusted shooting.

If it's loose, I try to repair it myself, but is it a black plug at the bottom of the stock? Parts like this look tight and need special tools.

I took it to marushan service center because its structure is difficult to disassemble. If it is damaged due to work errors during disassembly, marushan's compensation will be cut off. I want to apply grease to the inside of the cylinder.

I wanted to take a picture of Marusan's office building, but I forgot to take it.

The required work is to retighten the fixing bolts of the butt, apply grease inside the trigger box, apply grease inside the cylinder, replace the non jump packing, and clean the inner cylinder.

Then, bring it in and the work will be finished in about 30 minutes?? Moreover, the fee is free! God is friendly! There is a big gap with the top manufacturers in an industry.

You did such a serious job, but you didn't make a profit, Maruyama.

At first, I liked APS, so I had to buy a Maruyama gun, but I became a Maruyama fan.

I want a new APS rifle

This is the story of January 2021. When I went to Maruyama headquarters mentioned above, I had a few conversations with the employees.

Because it is official information that has not been disclosed, it cannot be said out loud, but there may be a plan to reproduce t ◯ P ◯ 9 ◯. I'll make it a little cloudy(  ̄▽ ̄)

Of course, it will take more time. There is no final conclusion yet, or even when.

For those who absolutely want a new ◯ y ◯ e ◯ 6, and those who can wait patiently, saving a little is better than sticking to Yahoo auction.

with an eye to the future

If you only ask for the results of the APS main race, it may be difficult for an ordinary APS rifle. The situation here is different from the pistol class.

But how much does it cost to start pursuing it If you're not good at it, you can buy a real gun!

Use an air gun instead of a real gun to shoot accurately. There is a feeling of daring to plead, and shooting at home is also a great advantage.

Especially because of the characteristics of precision shooting, I want all bullets to fly around like laser rifles! I have a strong feeling.

However, as far as I am concerned, I think there is still much room for improvement in human performance.

If you can stop the gun like an advanced gun, you will need an expensive tuning gun.

The same as any other hobby or sport. If you become an oud who understands differences, you will need a tool that can respond to them.

It is the usual 1 cm dice with a distance of 5 m.

I didn't shoot the video because I started shooting comfortably at first, but even if I took it standing, I took it 10 times in a row.

Before the repair, even if I aimed properly and the leaflet came out, it was difficult for 10 times in a row, but it obviously improved the accuracy of the gun.

Looking at the sight, I could see the bullets flying around in the center of the cross.

However, people's performance has not changed, so I think it's a fluke. I hope to hit 10 times in a row.

I'm sorry to write such a thing at the end of such an article, but I think I can update the group records in the current state after repair.

I want to re measure 10m before the grease in the cylinder becomes dirty again.

Looking at this result, I reiterated the importance of maintenance. For those who practice every day, I think it's best to do it once a year, including the maintenance of the engine department.

The tuning gun was mentioned earlier, but the performance of the ordinary gun should not be underestimated.

If advanced players push it to the limit, the rabbit will horny. I think it is more than enough for beginners.

Then here this time.

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