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Do you know that Airsoft BB has a long history?

"Airsoft BB" indispensable in survival game.

I know that Airsoft BB has a very long history.

Now, 6mm Airsoft BB is used not only in Japan but also abroad, and it is used as the world standard, but there are many history and dramas until now.

So, I would like to introduce about Airsoft BB history and trivia.

Airsoft BB's bb

First of all, I want to introduce Airsoft BB what is abbreviation.

I think that there is no person who doesn't know the Airsoft BB by the reader of the sabbaigu archive, but the person who knows the BB bullet is unexpectedly few.

Airsoft BB is abbreviation of ball bullet (ball bullet), and it is called "round bullet" or "spherical ball" in Japanese.

By the way, it is the production of the airgun of the 6mm size which is currently being used in Japan for the first time in Japan.

Marzen was originally developed by Airsoft BB, which was imported from the United States in the 1980s, but in fact, American Airsoft BB has a different meaning from Japan's ball bullet.

The history of Airsoft BB is very long, and it is said that it is the United States of America of 1880s more than a century ago that the thing called BB bullet appeared for the first time though there was a little, and a little.

In the United States, there was a game gun called BB gun, and Airsoft BB was used for BB gun.

Why did you name Airsoft BB?

It was due to the size of the bullet used in Airsoft BB.

Now I introduced 6 mm standard, but the Airsoft BB diameter was 4.57 mm.

 may seem very halfway, but this 4.57 mm is the same size as the shotgun used by shotguns.

You may know many people familiar with guns, but there are so many kinds of bullets to be used in shotguns.

These differences are the difference of the size of the scatter contained in the shot shell.

In other words, originally, the shotgun used for shotgun was used as a game gun.

I want to introduce the history of Airsoft BB easily.

Around 1960

The air gun in Japan at that time was not something like "gun for children", rather than "gun for children".

Moreover, the Airsoft BB itself already existed, but the Airsoft BBitself was said to be a child with lead BB ribbon introduced above, and it seems that there was considerable power.

Around 1970

From this time, the air gun as a toy appeared, but the bullet used was not unified yet, and the silver ball and cork bullet of the silver ball gun, and rubber bullet made of rubber were used.

Around 1980

In the 1980s, Marcin develops and sold 6mm standard Airsoft BB as modern.

Finally, this Airsoft BB becomes the mainstream, but at that time, the bullet used in the air gun called "tsuchimi bullet" occupies a considerable share, and it is the time when the supremacy dispute of BB and tsuzumi is done.


Airsoft BB's victory will result in the dominance fight of Airsoft BB and tsuchimi, and most air gun uses 6mm Airsoft BB.

In addition, when the electric gun etc.appeared from Tokyo Mary this time, the survival game became known to the general layer, and it led to the present boom.


How was it?

It might be surprising that there was a history of more than 100 years, and it was surprised at one of the small pieces of the plastic of the plastic.

In addition, I could not introduce it in the history, but there are various Airsoft BB shells, such as "paintball" in the history, and "starch BB bullet" that was said to be able to eat.

There may be new discoveries.

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