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Improvement of shrinkage defect in plastic ball injection molding

Products with a diameter of more than 15mm of PC plastic ball are easy to shrink and produce pores. The main reason is that the injection temperature of PC plastic is too high. During the cooling process, after the surface of the plastic blank ball is cooled, the internal plastic needs to be cooled slowly. During the cooling process, it will continue to shrink, causing the surface of the plastic ball to shrink or shrink into a small hole.

The improvement method of PC plastic ball shrinkage is mainly adjusted from the aspects of mold temperature, injection pressure and injection temperature. First, the mold temperature should be increased as much as possible, and the mold temperature can be increased to about 150 degrees. Such a mold is conducive to molding. The injection pressure should be increased, the pressure holding time should be long, and the rubber position contracted during the cooling process inside the plastic ball, By maintaining the pressure of the injection molding machine and replenishing the glue again, it can ensure that the shrinkage of the plastic ball surface will not be affected by the internal shrinkage of the plastic ball.

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