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The production process of fracturing ball PVC plastic hollow ball

The raw material of PVC plastic hollow ball is PVC powder mixed with plasticizer to form a paste, which is loaded into the plastic hollow ball and heated and formed on the pond glue furnace. The blow molding hollow plastic ball adopts granular plastic material. After melting, the quantitative melted plastic material is extruded into the hollow ball mold, and then through high-pressure gas, The process of expansion molding filled with melted plastic.

The paste liquid heating and curing hollow ball used for PVC plastic hollow ball is suitable for the production and processing of plastic hollow ball with large size and specification, and the material has limitations. Only PVC powder material can be used, while the plastic hollow ball produced by blow molding process is thermoplastic with good fluidity, but the material also has limitations, At present, PP material and PE material are most used. These two materials have good fluidity. The size of PP hollow ball and PE hollow ball produced is relatively stable, the wall thickness is uniform and the batch air is small. Therefore, the most common production process of plastic hollow ball is blow molding process. The size of plastic hollow ball is not too limited. It is suitable to be produced by blow molding process from 10mm to 150mm

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