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Manufacturing technology and method of resin plastic ball

The manufacturing technology of resin plastic ball is very different from that of thermoplastic ball. Firstly, resin plastic ball is produced by casting technology, while thermoplastic ball is produced by injection molding process. Although they are both called plastic ball, they are quite different. The plastic material used for the resin plastic ball is phenolic resin or unsaturated resin. In fact, the production of this kind of resin plastic ball is similar to glue. After several chemical raw materials are mixed in a certain proportion, the mixed resin is cast into the resin plastic ball mold. After the cast resin ball is formed and solidified in the mold, it is a semi-finished resin plastic ball, Generally, resin plastic balls do not need grinding treatment. Resin plastic balls are mainly jewelry and handicrafts without precision. Therefore, semi-finished resin plastic balls can become qualified plastic balls only by polishing.

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