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Airsoft BB factory manufactures high quality airsoft bb

High-quality airsoft bb refers to the airsoft bb with high diameter precision and no bubbles in the middle of the BB. The production of air gun BB without bubbles requires the technical strength of material system, BB mold manufacturing and plastic air gun BB grinding processing in the airsoft bb manufacturing team.

High-quality airsoft bb needs to be made of environmentally friendly or biodegradable plastic materials. The material used in environmentally friendly airsoft bb is usually ABS plastic, while the material used in biodegradable air gun BB is PLA biodegradable plastic. Due to the price of biodegradable plastic It is relatively high, and the technical difficulty of biodegradable plastics is relatively large, so the price of biodegradable airsoft bb is higher than that of ordinary plastic ABS environmental protection air gun BB.

The plastic aairsoft bbB produced by our company is available for sale from 0.2g to 0.32g. The surface finish of the air gun BB is high and the diameter tolerance is within plus or minus 0.01mm. The plastic airsoft bb produced by the company is not only sold in China, but also sold abroad. This country and region

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