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Biodegradable BB bullet production process-made in China

Ordinary airsof BB refer to BB bullets produced with ordinary ordinary plastic materials. Commonly used are AS and ABS. The physical properties of the two plastic materials are similar, and the injection molding production temperature is the same. The molds used for BB bullets are exactly the same. The difference is that ABS airsof BB It has better toughness and higher finish than ASBB elastic. The rough BB bullet is easy to separate from the nozzle during processing. Therefore, ordinary BB bullets are generally the first choice for high-gloss, high-exclusive ABS as the raw material for production, and the counterweight accessories are generally 600 #Calcium carbonate, the addition ratio is generally about 30%, the products made can generally meet the requirements of ordinary customers, but some customers have high requirements for environmental protection, and need airsof BB to be decomposed naturally under the action of bacteria in nature, and there is no pollution to the environment , To meet the national requirements for environmental protection and safety, so PLA airsof BB have become the first choice for demanding customers. The production of airsof BB from degradable materials is basically the same as the production of airsof BB from ordinary materials. However, the degradable material PLA has water absorption characteristics. Products are also easy to shrink, so the requirements for molds and injection molding machines are very high. At present, there are not many manufacturers who have mastered this technology. The biodegradable BB bombs produced by our company fully meet the requirements of foreign high-end customers and have been exported. To many countries and regions, and widely praised.

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