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  Airsoft BBs, .12g, .20g, .25g,6mm 0.20g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.23g Airsoft BBs,china6mm 0.25g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.28g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.30g Airsoft BBs, china6mm 0.32g Airsoft BBs, china6mm0.12g arisoft bbs taiwan Plastic BallsPlastic PP Balls chinaPlastic POM Balls chinaPlastic PA Balls chinaPlastic PMMA Balls chinaPlastic PC Balls chinaTPX Plastic ballNylon plastic hollow ballPE plastic ball chinaBio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.2g Bio airsoft bbs china6mm 0.23g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.25g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.28g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.30g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.32g Bio airsoft bbs chin6mm 0.12g bio airsoft bbsAirsoft BB Forumpepperball taiwan
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Bio BB bullet quality inspection method

First of all, for airsoft BB , the most commonly used specification is 5.95mm domestic and foreign general specifications, which is often referred to as 6mm BB airsoft BB so the choice of airsoft BB is more a difference in weight. The commonly used weight specification is 0.2gBB Bullets, 0.25gairsoft BB, 0.28gBB bullets, 0.30gBB bullets and 0.32gBB bullets, but 0.20g BB bullets are the most used. For beginners who are new to CS sports to play BB bullets, using 0.2gBB bullets should be The best choice, because 0.2gBB can be used with any BB bullet gun, and the accuracy is easy to control and master.

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