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What material plastic hollow ball oil resistant?

  There are many kinds of oil-resistant plastics, but plastics that are not eroded by oil are relatively small. Plastics that are not eroded by oil are suitable for the production of packaging containers for oil contact, oil pipelines and other products, such as plastic floats used in fuel sensors. To oil, but also tolerate a certain high temperature and low temperature, and toughness is also better, because of the working environment, long-term contact with oil liquids, so suitable for plastic float ball and plastic hollow ball and oil resistant plastic basically in addition to the PA material , other materials are not competent, the following brief introduction to the physical properties of PA plastic hollow ball:

1. The plastic PA hollow ball has good buoyancy and can float on top of gasoline, so it is suitable for use as a float in a tank level gauge.

2. The plastic PA foam ball is not as accurate as the PA hollow ball, but because the PA foam ball surface has a dense layer of about 0.5mm, it can also ensure that the plastic PA foam ball can float on the oil surface, and the temperature resistance Also close to the plastic PA hollow ball.

3. The disadvantage of the plastic PA foam ball is that the thickness of the surface dense layer is uneven, and the thin place is prone to oil entry. It will not achieve the effect of floating on the oil surface. Therefore, the plastic PA foam ball requires full inspection. use.

4. The plastic PA foamed ball absorbs more water than the plastic PA hollow ball. Due to the absorption of more water, the dimensional change is also large, and it is easy to mold. Therefore, the plastic PA foam ball is stored improperly in the later period, and all the bad can not be used.

5. The surface finish of plastic PA hollow spheres is better than that of plastic PA foam spheres, because the surface of plastic PA hollow spheres is a pure plastic raw material, while the plastic PA foam spheres have a dense layer on the surface, but dense layers can be seen with a high magnification microscope. There are micro-holes on the top, so the PA foam ball finish is not as good as a plastic PA hollow ball.

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