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Does the fuel sensor use a plastic foam ball or a plastic hollow

  The working principle of the fuel sensor is that in a sealed metal tube there is a plastic float which can float on the oil. When the oil level changes, the plastic float also changes synchronously with the oil level. The plastic float has a metal above it. The change of the probe and float will be transmitted to the probe. The other end of the probe is a potentiometer. The potentiometer will generate an electric signal according to the change of the probe. This is the basic working principle of the fuel sensor. There are usually two types of plastic floats. One is PA foam ball produced by foaming process, and the other is PA hollow ball. The above is a comparison of the physical properties of two types of plastic floats:

1. PA foam ball is a certain proportion of plastic foaming agent added with PA raw materials, and then completed by injection molding, the production process is more complicated, higher defect rate.

2. The hollow ball of PA is made of two plastic semi-circular hollow balls bonded by physical method 1. There are many production processes and technical difficulties, but the product quality is stable. The plastic floating ball used for fuel sensors requires a specific gravity of less than 0.62 because the specific gravity of the fuel is about 0.80. If the specific gravity of the plastic float is greater than 0.62, the plastic float will not sink in the oil and will not be able to float.

3. The plastic float used for the fuel sensor requires a smooth surface, and there should be no seizure in the metal tube of the sensor, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the sensor.

4. The plastic floating ball in the fuel sensor requires an accuracy within ±0.02mm. If the precision of the plastic float is not enough, the same phenomenon will occur, affecting the accuracy of the sensor.

5. The float in the fuel sensor must withstand oil temperatures of minus 40 degrees and minus 80 degrees, because the working environment of the fuel tank is basically within this temperature range.

In summary, the quality of the plastic float used in the fuel sensor is directly related to the accuracy of the sensor. The only enterprises that can produce PA foam ball and PA plastic hollow ball only Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Products Co., Ltd. can be born, welcome customers. Calls to discuss cooperation business.

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