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Influence of dense layer of plastic foam ball on fuel sensor

The plastic ball used in the fuel sensor is a PA foam ball produced by a foaming process. The reason why the material is PA is that the oil resistance of the PA is better than other plastic balls, but the PA solid ball has a large ratio and obviously cannot be used as a float ball. Plastic ball, so the use of PA foam ball in the fuel sensor, PA foam ball production art is more complex, high defect rate, the following briefly describes the PA foam ball production process:

1. The mould of plastic PA foam ball is produced by special mould steel, and the mould steel undergoes heat treatment. After heat treatment, the plastic ball mould steel can be thrown very light, forming a fine dense layer on the surface of the plastic PA foam ball.

2. The plastic PA foam ball is produced using a special plastic injection molding machine. The plastic ball barrel adopts a device that can be locked, otherwise the foamed plastic material will flow out from the nozzle and affect the injection molding effect.

3. Plastic PA foam ball injection molding machine temperature should be strictly controlled at 232 degrees, the temperature is too high, the foaming agent is easy to fail, affect the production, but the plastic foam ball injection temperature can not be too low, too low injection molding machine nozzle will coagulate Can't produce. 4. The mold temperature of the PA plastic foam ball is low, the mold temperature is too high, which affects the surface crystallization of the plastic foam ball. The dense layer is very thin, and it is easy to absorb oil in the oil, and does not function as a float.

5. If the injection pressure of the PA foam ball is too large, the weight of the foam ball will be overweight, and it will not float on the oil and will not be able to function as a float.

The production process of the PA foam ball is unstable, and the yield rate is low. At present, there are few manufacturers that can produce PA plastic foam balls, resulting in a high price of PA plastic foam balls.

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