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Solid plastic ball split line and rubber inlet removal method

Plastic ball Whether it is a plastic solid ball or a plastic hollow ball, as long as the plastic ball produced by the mold will have burrs and plastic inlets, how to solve the flash, batch air, plastic inlet? Simply summarize the following methods:

1 mold to start, the accuracy of the plastic ball mold determines the plastic solid ball and plastic hollow ball batch and plastic inlet size, the higher the mold accuracy, the smaller the plastic ball out of the made, with high precision equipment processing Plastic ball mold plastic wind produced by the ball can be controlled within 0.02, after a simple polishing, is a qualified plastic ball, but high-precision plastic ball mold production capacity is not high, so using this method plastic ball is only suitable for small amount of plastic ball.

2. For toys or jewelry plastic balls, because the accuracy requirements are not high, the method of handling burrs and rubber inlets is relatively simple, and after a few hours of polishing with the metal material polishing machine commonly used in the market, it can be completed. The first is to put in the polishing machine, the rough abrasive to remove the wind work, after 2 hours of polishing, the plastic wind has basically been removed, and then put in high-gloss polishing abrasive polishing After one hour of polishing, the plastic balls are basically finished products, but such plastic balls have little precision, so the price is relatively cheap.

3. Precision plastic ball is also called plastic precision ball. Due to the high requirements for accuracy, although the above two methods can remove the batch air, the precision tolerance of the produced plastic ball is often more than ± 0.06, and it can not reach the industrial-grade plastic ball. The quality standards, industrial plastic ball precision within ± 0.02, industrial plastic ball to remove the wind and burr method is to use plastic ball machine to complete, the plastic grinding ball machine has a special grinding disc, grinding disc precision is high, can be achieved Within ±0.002, when the plastic ball is ground on the plastic ball grinder, not only can the batch wind and burr be removed, but also the accuracy of the plastic ball can be corrected. The precision of the plastic ball milled by the plastic ball mill can reach within ±0.02. Plastic precision balls belong to industrial calibration products, which have strict industry quality standards and the production process is relatively complicated. The above kinds of plastic balls are only for everyone's reference except for the batch method.

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