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Super solid plastic ball machine and production technology

   Large plastic solid ball, also called plastic solid ball, plastic ball smaller than 30mm is also called plastic conventional ball, the main method is mainly injection molding, but more than 50mm plastic solid ball injection molding process is difficult to complete, because the large plastic ball When the diameter is more than 40mm, the plastic ball in the injection molding process is difficult to be cooled in the mold, and is easily deformed, and due to the stress, more than half of the surface of the plastic ball will have an irregular crack, also called a plastic ball stress pattern, not only affect the appearance of The impact of the plastic ball has been affected, so more than 50mm plastic ball will not use the injection molding process to produce, large plastic ball is generally produced by the following processes:

1. The decorative large plastic balls are mostly produced by the casting method, that is, the phenolic resin and other chemical materials are added into the plasticizer, transferred into a paste, and then poured into a plastic solid ball mold, and the mold phenolic resin is sufficiently cooled and solidified. Open the mold, remove the solid plastic ball, and remove the batch air after the finished product is a large plastic solid ball.

2. High-precision super solid ball using CNC lathe processing, the first is to choose the material to be processed plastic ball bar, the plastic bar diameter is greater than the finished plastic solid ball diameter of 5mm or more as processing allowance, plastic bar processing plastic ball advantages How many quantities can be done? The disadvantage is that the cost is high and the material is wasted. Therefore, large-scale batch applications are obviously not suitable for machining.

3. The hot-press method produces large plastic solid spheres. The hot-pressing method is somewhat similar to the production process of steel balls. The hot-pressing method is first to preheat the plastic ball raw materials. The preheating temperature is set according to different materials. For example, the preheating temperature of ABS plastic is 180 degrees. When the preheated plastic material is put into the upper mold and the lower mold of the mold with a spoon, then the mold is properly pressed and cured. After about 20 minutes, the mold is opened and the large size is removed. Plastic solid ball, the plastic ball produced by this production process has high strength and is suitable for plastic solid balls that are subject to high pressure and high impact. The disadvantage is that the batch air is relatively large, and it is necessary to manually remove the batch air.

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