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Plastic ball valve seal solution in liquid pipeline

   Plastic balls are called plastic sealing balls in some customers' order names, so plastic ball applications include products in the chemical industry, sanitary ware, kitchen appliances, etc., commonly used as plastic sealing balls. The ball is mainly divided into two types: one is plastic hard plastic ball also called engineering plastic ball, the main material is engineering plastics, and the other is called plastic soft rubber ball, which is mainly produced with plastic soft rubber materials, such as those produced with TPE. Plastic elastic balls, plastic frosted balls and plastic trackballs produced by TPU belong to the range of plastic soft rubber balls. As a functional accessory, plastic hard rubber ball has higher quality requirements for plastic balls, and there are several points in the main quality bidding:

1. The use of plastic balls in the industry requires that the hardness of the plastic ball is above 95 degrees (Shore hardness).

2. The use of plastic ball plastic seal ball to use, accuracy must be within +/- 0.02MM tolerance.

3. Plastic ball surface finish â–½14 or more.

4. The shrinkage of the plastic ball is required to be within ≤ 0.15%, otherwise there is a risk of leakage.

5. The temperature requirement is about 100 degrees of water, the thermal deformation rate is 0.05%.

The above plastic balls are commonly used in industrial fields for their reference.

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