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Filling of foaming agent when plastic foam ball is injected

PS plastic foam ball has the advantages of relatively low relative density (1.05g/cm3), good heat insulation effect, low water absorption, elastic impact resistance, noise reduction, vibration reduction, and excellent dielectric properties. The production process is simple. Low manufacturing cost, PS plastic foam ball requires a physical foaming agent, that is to say, after the foaming agent reaches a certain temperature, self foaming, and chemical foaming agent are essentially different, PS plastic foam ball The production raw materials must be fully dried prior to production. If the PS raw material contains moisture, the foaming agent is added after the injection molding process. During the injection molding, a lot of water vapor will be generated, affecting the appearance quality of the PS plastic foaming ball, PS The inside of the foam ball is a ball with small holes, so the post-processing is very difficult. The surface has only a dense layer of 0.2mm. If the subsequent processing damages this dense layer, the PS plastic foam ball can not be used because The surface is not a smooth surface, but like the surface of a plastic frosted ball. If PS plastic foam balls are used as accessories for functional products, it will cause tight seals and other phenomena. S Late-stage grinding of plastic foam balls is a work that requires high technical content. There are currently few companies that have 

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