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Plastic material ball sphere manufacturing process

  Plastic resin ball casting process: The raw material is unsaturated resin, curing agent, accelerator, thinner, put into a container according to a certain ratio, stir evenly, and require that the mixed ball slurry made of plastic ball should be viscous. After the scoop falls down, it can flow slowly. The plastic solid ball mold is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part has a small hole. Firstly, the plastic resin ball mold should be well-closed and screwed, and then the mixed plastic resin ball should be The slurry is slowly poured into the holes of the plastic resin ball mold with a spoon, the speed can not be too fast, or the bubbles in the plastic resin ball will remain in the center of the ball, until filling the entire plastic resin ball mold, and then The resin-filled ball mold was left in place for about 12 hours. Then the mold was opened and the semi-finished plastic resin green balls were removed. The semi-finished resin green balls had batch air and gates. The population was used to remove the gates and the molds. The batch wind, the treated resin ball, and the plastic ball mill are also used for grinding. The grinding process takes only a few hours in order to completely smooth the gate and batch air. A process step polishing process, a polishing process of polishing the same plastic resin beads, and other plastic balloons, also need drum polishing machine for polishing, after polishing the packaging is finished.

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