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Plastic blowing machine working principle

   The working principle of the plastic blowing machine is simply to put the melted plastic raw material into a plastic ball mold, and then inflate the plastic through a retractable blowing needle on the mold. The plastic raw material is a quantitative plastic ball mold First, the plastic materials are preheated and heated at the inlet of the plastic ball blowing machine. Generally, the temperature is controlled at about 180 degrees. The temperature of the mold is controlled at about 100 degrees. The plastic blowing machine produces plastic hollow balls according to the outer diameter of the plastic ball. The size to match the plastic hollow ball mold, generally speaking, the shrinkage rate of the products left by the plastic hollow ball mold is small, generally only 0.12%, the air blowing temperature of the plastic ball blowing machine is also required to be above 80 degrees, otherwise Just starting to blow, the plastic material has not yet been blown up, it has cooled, and it cannot produce plastic hollow balls.

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