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Plastic PE ball blowing production process

    Plastic PE ball basically refers to PE plastic hollow ball, because PE plastic material is soft, production of plastic PE ball, the surface due to the hardness of the relationship, it is difficult to polish, plastic solid ball should require a certain strength, and many occasions are With a functional plastic ball, it is difficult for PE plastic solid balls to come in handy, but the application of PE plastic hollow balls in the chemical industry requires that plastic hollow balls have a certain buoyancy and chemical resistance, so PE plastic balls are mostly Refers to the plastic hollow PE ball, another reason is that PE material is cheap, so the plastic PE hollow ball produced is low-priced, easy to use in large quantities, but due to the low efficiency of the plastic blowing machine, the hourly production efficiency is only 30PCS. Around, so the cost of plastic hollow PE ball is not low, and due to process reasons, plastic PE hollow ball can only produce plastic hollow ball more than 10mm, PE plastic hollow ball prices are calculated by one, the lowest price is generally It will not be less than 0.1 yuan RMB.

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