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The difference between PP hollow ball and PP hollow ball

   Chemical industry, in the open workshop, in order to prevent the evaporation of chemical liquids, will be covered with plastic hollow spheres above the liquid, of which PP hollow spheres the most widely used, because the PP plastic ball with excellent characteristics of high temperature and chemical resistance, PPP Hollow plastic spheres cover the surface of open tank liquids and can reduce most of the exposed surface area of the liquid. Minimize smoke and odor from chemical vaporization. At the same time with the role of insulation, reduce heat and separated from the heated liquid and air contact, the most commonly used is electroplating factory, electroplating factory electroplating tank is an open electroplating tank, the entire electroplating tank liquid surface is covered with a layer of plastic hollow PP ball , And will not affect the import and export of electroplating tank, PP hollow sphere is hollow, floating in any liquid, PP hollow spheres are not closely connected with each other, polypropylene (PP) non-toxic, 110 °C (230 °F) Polypropylene is suitable for most known chemicals and can withstand continuous use temperatures. As noted above, the 80°C (176°F) softening point is generally applicable to high density polyethylene (HDPE) and the continuous use temperature is approximately 110°C (230°F). High-density polyethylene has excellent chemical resistance to specific compounds such as oils and other hydrocarbons. It also has less stress than polypropylene at lower temperatures, so the PE plastic hollow spheres have a much smaller application range than PP hollow spheres.

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