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airsoft bb main specifications and models

Plastic airsoft bb The specifications of the common airsoft bb are all uniform. (There are also 8 mm airsoft bb.)

· 0.12g BB (5.95mm): toy gun bullets for children over 10 years of age.

· 0.20g BB bomb (5.95mm): This is a standard airsoft bb

· 0.25g BB bomb (5.95mm): Used with a light gun or airgun

· 0.29g BB bomb (5.95mm): This is a airsoft bb that emphasizes linear propulsion and accurate shooting distance.

0.12g yellow airsoft bb: This is a airsoft bb  that is suitable for air guns and electric guns over 10 years old. The color of the airsoft bb is yellow (it is sold in our shop) and the unit price is very cheap

Easy to damage, easy to scratch, repeated use (pick and use) can easily cause damage to the toy gun.

Because it is a lightweight airsoft bb, it will drift after shooting. It is characterized by being easily affected by wind. When encountering too strong impact, the 0.12g airsoft bb will break. 0.20g 5.95mm airsoft bb: Because it It is a standard weight BB bomb, so it is suitable for a standard heavy bullet that a rapier gun and an 18-year-old adult play. If the BB gun impact is large enough, the straightness will be good and the distance will increase further.

If you are 18 years old, it is best to practice starting with a 0.20 gram BB.

There are many brands of 0.20g airsoft bb on the market today, including ordinary environmental airsoft bb and biodegradable airsoft bb. 0.20 gram airsoft bb are most suitable for air guns such as ordinary BB guns. When using a BB bomb that is older than 10 years old, it is 0.20 grams. The BB bullet was obviously too heavy to shoot at all.

0.25g high-light 5.95mm airsoft bb: In fact, the biggest difference between 0.25g airsoft bb and 0.20g is heavier, his interference with the wind during the flight is very small, if the impact of the gun is not enough, then its flight distance will be shorter, But now with the high-precision BB guns sold, there is no problem with using 0.25g airsoft bb, no matter if it is the shooting distance and percussion accuracy, it should be more than 0.20g airsoft bb. 0.29g super light 5.95mm airsoft bb:

The 0.29g BB is a heavier airsoft bb in the 5.95mm airsoft bb. If the BB gun is not specially modified, it cannot be used at all. It will not be disturbed by the wind during the shooting process. So after the modified BB gun can achieve long-range shooting and high accuracy.

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