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Plastic PA hollow ball pressure test method

   Plastic PA hollow ball in the special industry need to detect PA hollow ball need to bear much pressure, generally need plastic PA hollow ball above 3kgf/cm2, so the pressure test of plastic PA hollow ball is the only detection standard for PA plastic hollow ball is qualified. PA hollow ball pressure detection method is: use a hydraulic machine to put the plastic PA hollow ball on the working face of the hydraulic press, and then set a pressure of 1kg to the hydraulic press to start pressure detection, the conventional is to set the height of the hydraulic press down to the plastic Four-fifths of the height of the PA hollow ball, and then the pressure. When the plastic PA hollow ball is subjected to stress for 60 seconds, after taking out the plastic PA hollow ball for 5 minutes, if the diameter of the plastic PA hollow ball and the accuracy of the ball are not changed, It can be determined that the plastic PA hollow ball pressure reaches 1KG, if the 1KG test result is OK, then it will be 3KG pressure test, if the 3kg pressure test result is OK, we can determine the plastic PA hollow ball tolerance pressure OK.

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