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Plastic grinding ball is made by what method?

 The production of plastic matte balls begins with the mold. The plastic matte ball mold is different from the ordinary plastic ball mold. The plastic plastic ball mold cup has been polished and processed. The mold does not produce when the plastic mold is used to produce plastic balls. Sticking will ensure that the injection molding process can be carried out smoothly, and that the sandblasted molds will easily stick to the molds, injection molds will be used to spray plastic molds, and there will be a way to produce plastic frosted balls, which are plastic balls that have been ball milled. After the ball machine is ground, it is frosted again. There are two methods for sanding, one is direct sandblasting. This method is relatively simple. The disadvantage is that the matte surface of the plastic frosted ball is uneven, and the other method is to use Special abrasives and plastic balls are mixed and then run on a vortex polisher for more than one hour. The plastic matte balls thus produced are uniform on the surface. The product yield is high and can meet the needs of any customer.

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