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Plastic PP hollow ball stress deformation solution

   Plastic PP Hollow Ball Deformation and Dehiscence As seen through high-power electron microscopy, there are many stress traces on the cracks of plastic PP hollow spheres. Therefore, deformation and cracking of plastic PP hollow spheres are not related to the strength of plastic hollow spheres, but plastics. Hollow ball production blow molding, the stress is not released, plastic PP hollow ball in the injection molding is completed, due to the rapid cooling of plastic hollow ball surface, but the internal plastic continues to shrink, when the contraction force is too large, it will be in the plastic PP hollow ball Small cracks form inside. When the number of cracks is small and the length is small, plastic PP hollow spheres will not be deformed or cracked. However, when the quantity is large, changes in temperature will further aggravate the crack change. In addition, the plastic has an aging period too. External light, air oxidation, etc., when several factors are occurring, plastic PP hollow ball deformation and cracking occurred, the improvement method is actually simple, that is, plastic PP hollow ball in the mold, do not be exposed to the air, Instead, put it in boiling water and cook for 10 minutes, and then put it in warm water and slowly cool it so that when the hollow plastic balls shrink, the stress is sufficient. Release, which also avoids the appearance of stress deformation and cracking of plastic PP hollow spheres.

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