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How is the plastic Tricolor ball produced?

Plastic tricolor ball is the most difficult one in the plastic molding process, because the plastic processing machine processing two-color products can be used to produce two-color injection molding machine, but more than three colors, two-color injection molding plastic machine can not be produced, plastic three-color The ball is produced by the three-color injection molding method. That is to say, Mr. produces a one-third hemisphere of one color, and then puts this one-third of the hemisphere into the mold to continue the secondary molding. When the secondary molding is completed After that, the finished finished product should be a plastic bicolor ball, but it can only be counted as a plastic bi-color hemisphere. The plastic bi-color hemisphere is put into the mold to continue molding. The final product is the plastic tricolor ball, and the plastic tricolor ball requires three injection moldings. Processing, so the processing cost is three times that of plastic monochrome beads, the main purpose of plastic trichromate is still used as a toy, because toy products pay more attention to the appearance of color, and the plastic tricolor ball is mainly for children To play with toys, environmental protection is equally important. The size of plastic trichroms should not be too small to prevent children from mistakenly putting plastic balls into their mouths. , The tri-color plastic ball so not only is the complex process, but also the requirements of environmental protection and sizes.

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