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Why toy bullets abroad are called plastic airsoft bb balls?

The plastic  airsoft bb ball was originally developed by the Japanese Marui company and was originally called a plastic bullet or a plastic toy bullet, but bullets called plastic bullets and real guns are confusing because the bullets used in real guns also have plastic bullets. Therefore, it is not easy to distinguish, and then there  is the plastic bullet used by the gun is also very popular with foreign customers, especially European and American customers, but directly called the plastic bullet is too rigid, so Marui company after a meeting to discuss, formally named  plastic airsoft bb ball, plastic airsoft bb ball in English means baby meaning that plastic bullets are also accessories for children's toy guns, giving people the impression that the product is safe, so named after the pplastic airsoft bb ball, after a long time imperceptible effects People in Europe and the United States accepted it and followed it. Eventually, the whole world unified plastic toy bullets called plastic airsoft bb ball.

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