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Luminous principle of plastic luminous ball

A plastic glow ball is not a plastic ball that constantly emits light, nor is it that the plastic ball itself emits light, but the plastic ball absorbs the external light source and then releases the absorbed light when there is no light. The light emitted is a cold light.

Plastic glow ball production process:

   When a plastic ball is produced in a plastic ball, a certain percentage of fluorescent powder is filled in the raw material of the plastic ball, also called a plastic luminous powder, and the filling ratio varies greatly according to different plastics, which is usually two thousandths. The proportion of plastic raw materials filled with fluorescent powder immediately after production, because the fluorescent powder will oxidize after contact with the air, it will fail, so every time the production of plastic glow ball must accurately calculate the amount of material, and then to match Fluorescent toner, to avoid material waste, plus the need for injection molding machine injection temperature can not exceed 230 degrees, when the plastic fluorescent ball is filled with fluorescent toner processing, because the fluorescent toner will decompose and fail when over 230 degrees, due to fluorescent toner Certainly radioactive, so it is not recommended to contact the plastic glow ball for a long time.

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