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Plastic string ball production technology for curtains

   Plastic string balls are mainly used on the curtains, also called plastic curtain balls. The production of the first plastic string ball is made by drilling a hole in the middle of a single plastic solid ball drill string and stringing it together. This production process is very laborious. And inefficient, and later with the development of plastic ball production technology, the plastic ball can be made directly in the middle of the injection hole, such a plastic ball is also called porous plastic ball,although the hole plastic ball does not have to drill one by one , But the perforated plastic perforated balls are artificially strung one by one, but it is still inefficient. Now the curtain production process is to put the thread directly in the mold. After the injection is completed, the plastic balls are already strung together, and The plastic ball does not slide up and down. This production process greatly increases the production efficiency and the cost is very low. The current production of plastic string balls is mainly in transparent color. Plastic string factory shipments are generally based on weight. In terms of pricing, it can be seen at what price the plastic string ball is sold now, but this is also a good thing. Since the plastic string ball curtain is cheap, it does give it to customers who use it. Bring benefits.

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