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Plastic ceramic ball production technology

Ceramics have high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, but are easily broken, plastic balls are disadvantages are low hardness, not high temperature, easy deformation, Dongguan City Jia Technology Plastic Ball Co., Ltd. independently developed a plastic ceramic ball, not only with ceramics The hardness of the ball also has the toughness of the plastic ball. At present, the product has passed the detection of multiple projects. The bidding of the plastic ceramic ball integrates the advantages of the plastic ball and the ceramic ball. The products are widely used in mechanical parts, chemical machinery, aerospace science and technology, and automobiles. Accessories and other fields,

Plastic ceramic ball production process:

First of all, the plastic ceramic ball is produced by the plastic ball injection molding process. The raw material for producing the plastic ceramic ball is a specially modified material. The plastic raw material is filled with a certain proportion of ceramic powder. It should be noted that the ceramic powder is not equal to the production of ceramics. Instead, the ceramics are ground into a powder and used. The particle size of the powder is a sieve over 1250#. A certain proportion of chemical catalysts are added to the material at the same time to ensure that the plastic materials and the ceramic powder are fully fused. The plastic ceramic material can be used to inject plastic ceramic balls. The plastic ceramic ball injection process is the same as the ordinary plastic ball injection process. The later grinding process is also the same as the plastic ball post processing process, but the plastic ceramic ball is of relatively large proportion. , High hardness, processing time and the loss of parts have an effect, the hardness of the processed plastic ceramic ball can be increased by more than 80%, the temperature can be around 400 degrees, I believe that plastic ceramic ball will become more and more popular.

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