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Plastic buoy ball is produced by what process?

  The most widely used plastic buoy ball is used in marine fishing and is used as a float for fishing nets. Of course, in recent years, plastic buoy balls are also widely used in the marine aquaculture industry. Plastic buoy balls are generally used plastic balls due to their large diameter. Injection molding process and plastic hollow ball blow molding process can not be produced, so the plastic buoy ball is completely produced by another process. The plastic buoy ball plastic material is not granular, but plastic powder, is the use of ordinary plastic materials Grinding into plastic powder to use, first the plastic buoy ball mold is two hemispheres, and is fixed in a 360-degree rotating furnace, this kind of furnace is also called silicon rubber furnace, put the plastic powder into the lower mold first, then buckle The upper mold and the plastic buoy ball mold are locked, then the mold and the fixing frame are put into the silicon rubber furnace to start the heating function. The plastic buoy ball rotates 360 degrees in the furnace. As the plastic buoy ball mold rises, the plastic powder is The interior of the plastic buoy ball begins to melt. Since the plastic buoy ball mold makes a 360-degree rotation in the silicone oven, the melting distribution is also very uniform when all plastic powders are When melted on the inner wall of the plastic buoy ball mold, the plastic buoy ball has been formed, but it is still in a softened state. At this time, open the silicon plastic stove, take out the plastic buoy ball mold, and then immersed in cold water, let the mold cool down, along with the mold cooling The appearance of the plastic buoy ball also began to solidify, and finally the plastic inside also began to solidify. At this time, the mold was taken out and opened, and the plastic buoy ball was already produced. Simply handling the batch of wind was the finished product.

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