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Plastic ball is the cause of Mercedes-Benz cruise control failure

On the evening of March 14, 2018, Mr. Xue of the Henan driver drove the Mercedes-Benz to open a cruise at Lien Huo Expressway. He later found that the vehicle was out of control and could only continue to fly at 120 km/h for an hour. According to a The friend revealed that the real reason was that the children of Xue’s family had left the toy plastic ball in the car and the cruise control could not be canceled. The day before the accident, Mr. Xue’s son was playing in the car and he took a plastic hole called a name. The hole ball toy was forgotten under the seat on the driver's side when he got off the bus. When Mr. Xue drove on the high speed, the plastic ball rolled under the brake pedal of the Mercedes-Benz car and was stuck inside, when Mr. Xue wanted to cancel at high speed. During cruise control, the brake pedal could not be stepped on, causing cruise control to be cancelled. Mr. Xue used a series of incorrect methods in panic, but he did not cancel the cruise control. When Mr. Xue ran at a high speed, 1 More than one hour later, once again pressing the brakes, I felt something under the brake pedal. Then I slowly kicked out the thing with my foot. Only then did I discover that the son was playing with a plastic hole ball, that is, Said toy plastic balls, plastic balls out of the brake pedal, the car brakes return to normal, the cruise was canceled due to begin Sit

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