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Analysis of Stress Cracking of Plastic Balls

 The plastic ball is also deformed or cracked and broken at a certain temperature or pressure under a certain temperature or a certain degree of pressure. Through in-depth inspection of cracked plastic balls, it is found that the main reason for the cracking of plastic balls is that of plastic balls. Toughness, that is to say, has a lot to do with the raw material of the plastic ball. For example, a plastic POM ball produced with the POM standard will crack at minus 20 degrees and pressurize to 50 (kPa) under low temperature conditions. Plastic PA ball produced by PA material, at minus 40 degrees, pressure to 80 (kPa), plastic nylon ball still remains no deformation, no cracking, in summary, the main reason for the plastic ball cracking is the production of plastic ball plastic The material is not selected correctly. The company specializes in producing plastic balls. It can produce matching plastic rubber balls according to the actual needs of customers!

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