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The use of plastic alloy balls in the machinery industry

   As the name implies, the plastic alloy ball is a plastic ball that is processed by adding other materials into the material of the plastic ball. There are two main types of materials added. One is to add other plastic materials to modify, so that the two plastics are combined. The processed plastic alloy ball possesses two kinds of plastic physical properties to meet the special needs of specific customers for plastic alloy balls. In another case, a certain proportion of metal powder is added to produce plastic alloy balls. It is necessary to grind the metal powder into very fine powder, and then modify the village material through a special plastic pumping machine. Sometimes the effect of full mixing cannot be achieved at the same time. The most is that it must be pumped more than three times. Therefore, the cost of plastic metal alloy balls is particularly high. In addition to the special industries that will accept such metal and plastic plastic alloy balls, ordinary production ports cannot use plastic alloy balls.

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