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Application of Plastic Scrub Ball in Cosmetic Industry

   As the name suggests, a plastic frosted ball is a plastic ball with a matte surface. There are two kinds of plastic balls for processing a plastic frosted ball. One is a plastic solid ball and the other is a plastic hollow ball, but the material of the plastic frosted ball is required. Environmental protection, in line with the United States FDA approved materials can be used, plastic matte ball is mainly used for cosmetics liquid bottle bottle mouth, when the plastic matte ball rotation, it will bring out liquid cosmetics for people to use, in the past plastic matte ball The most used place is on the mobile phone. Once the navigation key in the middle of the BlackBerry is the plastic TPU ball. Because the surface is frosted, it is also called a plastic frosted ball. However, with the arrival of the touch screen, the black plastic frosted ball is also used. After the market was eliminated, plastic matte balls in plastic solid balls and plastic hollow balls produced by our company have been adopted by many cosmetic companies.

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