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6mm0.30g Airsoft BB (environmental BB)

  0.30g airsoft bb is a weighted BB. The BB guns that can use this aggravating level are basically refitted. The pressure of the pressure tank is the largest, and the maximum impact force can be emitted. The modified BB gun is powerful. Increase, you can easily break the glass 30 meters away, so this BB gun is limited to use in some countries, use this kind of gun protection measures must be done when playing CS, otherwise it is easy to hurt the game player, in In some places, some people even use 0.30g airsoft bb to fight birds. It can be seen that such airsoft bb power is large enough, and the airsoft bb of this weight class has a very high accuracy, and there is no bubble in the BB bomb produced by the company, airsoft bb The ball will not deviate from the target during the shooting trajectory, and will not be disturbed by wind and other factors. Dragon Ball airsoft bb is your ideal choice.

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