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Plastic Cryogenic Ball Plus Process Features and Processes

   Plastic low temperature ball; as the name suggests is a plastic special ball that can be used at a very low temperature, plastic ball is characterized by low temperature, especially at temperatures below minus tens of degrees, the plastic becomes brittle, easily broken, so the plastic is low temperature The ball is a specialized plastic ball for machinery and other products that work at low temperatures. In order to meet the normal work of the plastic ball in the low-temperature state, it is necessary to modify the raw material of the plastic ball, increase the toughness of the plastic ball, ensure that the plastic ball can be used normally at low temperature, and commonly used to toughen the plastic ball material The method is to add a certain proportion of glass fiber to the plastic raw material, but the glass fiber becomes brittle at low temperature, and the low temperature resistance of the plastic ball is improved, but the best low temperature resistance effect is not achieved. Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Products The latest technology of the Co., Ltd. is to add carbon fiber to the raw material of plastic balls. It is well known that the strength of carbon fiber is better than other materials in terms of high temperature resistance and low temperature. The company's production of plastic cryogenic balls is also called plastic carbon fiber balls and it has very good low temperature resistance. Excellent performance, has been recognized by some customers.

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