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Plastic high temperature ball manufacturing process analysis

Plastic high temperature ball; as the name suggests is to be able to endure high temperature plastic ball, the current known plastic material, high temperature resistant plastic is English name Phenol Formaledlyde is also known as bakelite, plastic high temperature ball can reach a maximum temperature of 400 degrees, At present, only Dongguan City Jiaji Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has developed a plastic high temperature ball. The process of plastic high-temperature ball is to use Bakelite injection molding machine to inject plastic hot-blast ball to produce rough ball, and then to remove the batch air and nozzle from the plastic high-temperature ball, remove the plastic ball after removing the batch air. The rough ball is put into the ball mill for grinding processing. Because the hardness of the plastic high temperature ball is high, the grinding time is much longer than that of the ordinary plastic ball. The plastic high temperature ball after grinding is polished, After polishing is the finished plastic high temperature ball.

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