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Plastic ball specification model, plastic hollow ball material

   First, the size of the hollow ball PA tolerance standard is GB205-2018-5, tolerance set international standard specification, plastic ball temperature change diameter tolerance range, PA hollow ball polishing time influence on the surface finish specifications, batch diameter tolerance range,. The international practice of nylon hollow ball can be divided into G0 nylon hollow ball, G1 nylon hollow ball, G2 nylon hollow ball, G3 nylon hollow ball, G4-level nylon hollow ball.

Class 0 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance standard is 0.001mm, batch roundness 0.0025mm.

Grade 1 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance standard is 0.002mm, batch roundness 0.0035mm.

Grade 2 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance standard is 0.003mm, batch roundness 0.0045mm. .

Grade 3 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance standard is 0.004mm, batch roundness 0.0050mm.

Second, the production process characteristics of PA hollow ball

1. Use a special plastic plastic blow molding machine to inject air into the melted quantitative plastic to complete the semi-finished blank of plastic nylon hollow beads.

2, Ball billet nozzle work.

3. For coarse grinding of hollow nylon ball, the mechanical precision for coarse grinding is relatively large, but the machining efficiency is high, which is more than 2 times of the finish grinding process. The precision grinding process is generally the actual size of nylon hollow ball 0.10mm Left and right, leaving tolerances for fine grinding.

4. Grind the nylon hollow ball, add the coarsely ground hollow ball blank to the airsoft bb grinding machine for grinding, after about 20 minutes of fine grinding, the product is processed to a size of about 0.02mm larger than the actual size, take out and polish, and polish. The size of the rear hollow nylon ball is exactly the actual size of the product,

5, full inspection shipments.

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