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Plastic ball specification model, plastic hollow ball material

  Plastic balls and plastic balls are mainly divided into PC plastic ball specifications, PMMA plastic ball specifications, PVC plastic ball models, polypropylene plastic float balls, polyethylene plastic hollow balls, ABS plastic hollow ball materials, PSU plastic ball specifications, TPU plastics Ball specifications, TPE plastic ball model.

First, PSU plastic ball, POM plastic ball, has a good solvent resistance, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, weak alkali and other properties. POM plastic ball has high hardness and rigidity, high resistance to creep and stress, excellent wear resistance, self lubrication, and fatigue, POM PSU plastic ball is milky white opaque, commonly known as plastic steel plastic Ball, it is a high density and high crystalline linear polymer. It has good overall performance and fatigue resistance.

1. In terms of mechanical properties, PSU plastic ball is a highly crystalline polymer with a high modulus of elasticity, as well as high hardness and stiffness. It can be used long-term between -40 and 100 degrees. And impact resistance, strength change is very small.

2. In terms of thermal performance, PSU plastic balls have a high thermal deformation temperature.

3. In terms of chemicals, POM plastic balls have no room temperature solvents in their basic structure. PSU plastic balls have outstanding corrosion and oil resistance. Particularly good corrosion resistance at high temperatures. And there is little change in size and mechanical strength.

4. In electrical performance, one of the good electrical properties of PSU plastic balls is that the dielectric constant is not affected by temperature and humidity.

Second, PVC plastic ball, polyamide plastic ball, also known as nylon plastic ball, features: acid, alkali, corrosion, high mechanical strength. Has good wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance, but also greatly reduces the water absorption and shrinkage of raw materials, PVC plastic ball has excellent dimensional stability and excellent mechanical strength.

Third, HIPS plastic ball, polypropylene plastic ball, Polypropylene plastic ball has good solvent resistance, oil resistance, resistance to weak acid, weak alkali and other properties, has a high degree of resistance to creep and stress, excellent wear resistance, self-lubricating, And fatigue. The characteristics of HIPS plastic balls are small specific gravity, non-toxic, insulation, acid, alkali and corrosion. The temperature resistance is -25 to +120 degrees.

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