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5.95mm 0.23g airsoft bb (Environmental protection airsoft bb)

   The conventional airsoft bb is 0.25g and 0.20g specifications, the specifications of the airsoft bb is the most widely used, the BB gun can be used in general, but there is also a part of the gun using 0.20g airsoft bb, light weight, a lack of precision, but also because of lack of power with 0.25g airsoft bb shooting gun, resulting in 0.25g airsoft bb hit the far distance, for this type airsof bb gun, the company specializes in the development of the 0.23g airsoft bb, to meet the customers' needs, let the customer have a perfect CS entertainment experience, this company produces 0.23g airsoft bb, smooth surface, high precision,tolerance can guarantee within the 5.95mm + / - 0.01mm, the company's unique polishing technology, surface surface finish and glass as the light, thus ensuring the firing accuracy of BB guns, but also significantly reduce the wear of BB barrel, extending the service life of the BB gun, selected to airsoft bb. You have a perfect CS experience.

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