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Analysis of Application Prospects of Plastic Nylon Balls

Plastic PA66 ball, that is, plastic nylon 66 ball, nylon 66 plastic ball is one of the most widely used plastic ball, nylon 66 has excellent physical properties, and injection molding easier to shape, easy processing and so on.

1. The plastic nylon ball has very good mechanical properties, whether it is grinding machine with grinding ball, or it is very stable in the later polishing size, which can meet the customers with high requirements for precision.

2. The plastic nylon ball has higher temperature resistance performance than other types of plastic engineering balls. Since the injection temperature of the plastic nylon ball during injection molding is above 240 degrees, that is, the plastic nylon ball just softens at 180 degrees, so the plastic nylon ball works. Temperatures up to 150 degrees are stable. Plastic nylon ball toughness is good, low temperature below -40 degrees can also be very good stability.

3. The chemical stability is better than other plastic balls. The oil resistance is the best among the plastic balls. It can be applied on gasoline valve pipes or diesel valves. Therefore, the plastic nylon ball in the automotive industry will be more than other plastic materials. The ball is used more.

4. Plastic nylon ball can be toughened according to the needs of special industries. Filling a certain proportion of glass fiber in the raw material of plastic nylon ball can increase the strength of plastic nylon ball by 30%-50%, and further expand the nylon plastic. The sphere of application of the ball.

5. After the plastic nylon ball is polished in multiple steps, the surface finish is in a mirror state. The plastic nylon ball has good wear resistance, so the self-lubricating property of the plastic nylon ball is better than that of other materials.

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